Why the emdc-362472-18b-2s-95 storage cabinet is a must have when remodeling

Why the emdc-362472-18b-2s-95 storage cabinet is a must have when remodeling

Are you looking to remodel your workshop? Space planning will be very important in the planning process. The emdc-362472-18b-2s-95 storage cabinet offers a lot when it comes to planning. Here are the various ways it can be useful in a workshop remodel.


You have to worry about how easy it will be for you to get around the workshop when remodeling. The best spacing designs are those that allow easy access to the most important areas of the work space. If you are dealing with dangerous materials, then accessibility takes on greater importance. But access is not strictly about space per se; think also about access to such things as tools from storage cabinets. The storage cabinet itself should be placed in an area that strikes the right balance between access and security, depending on the value of the materials being stored. Go for a storage cabinet with bins inside like Durham Manufacturing’s emdc-362472-18b-2s-95 to store the small items like bolts, nuts and nails that are frequently used in the workshop.


Access is only the first step when designing the office or workshop. The next thing to think about is the actual workflow. Planning of storage especially must be with this in mind. Having to constantly move all the way across a warehouse or workshop to find tools or parts for work can be disruptive not only to oneself but also to their workmates. It also wastes a lot of time that would otherwise have been used in actual meaningful work. The emdc-362472-18b-2s-95 has many storage bins which come in various sizes. What this means is that it holds more than the typical industrial storage cabinet. There is space for literally everything you need for work, and you do not have to move any more than necessary during the typical workday.


Aesthetics is often the last thing on most people’s minds when they think about remodeling and space planning in an industrial environment. Still, it does not hurt that the emdc-362472-18b-2s-95 is one of the best looking cabinets in the market. Its gray powder coat finish means you do not have to be stuck in an ugly office.